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Last year at the annual general meeting, we proposed a more formal approach to the cottagers’ association executive with equal representation for each road across the lake.  We had a meeting May 21st of the current directors, event leaders and anyone expressing interest in serving on the cottagers’ association.  We are really happy to say that we had a full house with 12 attendees and now have established representatives for each cottage road with some new additions: Lisa Ebel representing McKay Trail and Jennifer Maund representing Rainbow Lane.  We also would like to welcome Susan Cloutier on the executive as our new Treasurer.  Joel Gregory is also a new event leader for the golf event and Jesse Collins is continuing to manage the website.  Again this year, Katie Maxwell will be leading the fishing derby with Janet Finlay leading the silent auction.  We would like to sincerely thank all of our volunteers as we wouldn’t be able to do this without you!  We have an agenda and minutes posted online at mckaylake.ca for everyone who would like to keep up-to-date on what is happening.  If you have a special project in mind for the association or would like to help out on some of the recurring projects we have going, please reach out.  As always, our priority is environmental protection of McKay Lake.  Please welcome your 2016 McKay Lake Cottagers’ Association Executive.  Note:  *Bolded Road Name signifies a Road Representative and D = Director

D – Paul Reynolds/Co-President (Events)/All of Staunton*  phdreynolds@gmail.com

Karen Maxwell/Co-President (Environment)/McTeague Lane* madgemax@gmail.com

Susan Cloutier/Treasurer  susan.cloutier@gmail.com

D – Kate Maxwell/Secretary/Fishing Derby  katlynmaxwell@hotmail.ca

D – Fred Torrie/Old Cottage Road* mtorrie@sympatico.ca

D – Bill Dickie/Shady Lane and Fraserburg* wvdickie52@hotmail.com

D – David Vigeon/Hoffman Lane* VigeonCarpentry@gmail.com

Lisa Ebel/McKay Trail*  sterlingsilver925@cogeco.ca

Jennifer Maund/Rainbow Lane* maund2001@rogers.com

Special Events and/or Projects:

Paul Reynolds/Newsletter

Katie Maxwell/Fishing Derby

Janet Finlay/Silent Auction  jfinlab209@rogers.com

Joel Gregory/Golf Day  katandjoel@rogers.com

Jesse Collins/Website  moxyinc@gmail.com